Google Docs Application Comes to Android

Google has been active to bring it’s core services to Android it’s flagship OS for a smartphones and tablets. Following this tradition now they have launched Google Docs for Android. Which means that you can now edit and modify and view the Google docs using your phone.

Following are some of the features of Google Docs:

Create, edit, upload and share your documents with the Google Docs app.

Create, edit, upload and share your docs from your phone with the Google Docs app:

  • Designed for Android to save you time finding your docs
  • Edits to your documents appear to collaborators in seconds
  • Make quick changes to spreadsheets
  • View your documents, PDFs, images and more.
  • Upload and convert files to the Google Docs format
  • Take a photo of printed text and convert it to a Google document
  • Share docs with your phone’s contacts

Download Google Docs for Android

Samsung Galaxy S II TouchWiz Launcher ported to Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S II launcher , TouchWiz 4.0, can now be ported to Samsung Galaxy S. Yes? One of the xda developers has successfully ported the TouchWiz 4.0 launcher to the leaked Android 2.3.3 running Galaxy S phones.You will need rooted Galaxy S phone. The installation is simple
1. Ddownload the file from the link below
2.Transfer it to your internal SD Card
3. Fflash through ClockworkMod Recovery.

[box color=blue type=note size=full]NOTE: You must be on a Deodexed 2.3.3 ROM to be able to use it.[/box]

[button type=download color=orange]TouchWiz4[/button]

Lyrics App automatically downloads and shows the lyrics of current song on your android

Android as a platform is increasing rapidly. Because of such tremendous growth, the music related and games related apps are gaining popularity among users and developers. Have you ever wanted to have an application which would download and show lyrics of the song playing on your android device.

Lyrics App is one such application which fills the void and automatically finds and shows lyrics of the current song playing on your android application.

Following are the music apps supported by lyrics app:

  • Android default player
  • HTC default player
  • Winamp
  • PowerAMP*
  • Meridian
  • Cubed
  • DoubleTwist
  • RealPlayer
  • Songbird
  • PlayerPro
  • Music Player (Social Soft)
  • Music Mod

Download Lyrics App

Instinctive: A beautiful music player alternative

Instinctiv is a smart, minimalistic and simple to use music application for android which syncs your music with your machine. The smart phones today have come a long way and many people use their android phone for music purposes. May it be Radio, Internet Radio or Music on their phone’s memory, you can see the concept of portable music player is getting redundant (some might argue) with the adoption smart phone like android. Frankly, speaking I use my phone’s music and sometime radio while I am traveling. However, with many flavors of android phones, the default music players in each have their own pros and cons.

Honestly, there is not dearth of music players both free and paid in the Android market. However, we stumbled upon a really simple, minimalistic yet powerful music application for android that makes playing music breeze at the same time is capable of identifying and tagging music. Not to mention a good integration with various social platforms. What is good is that it’s desktop integration which makes syncing an easy process which has traditionally and natively been missed in android. Though there are alternatives like doubletwist and syncmate.

There is now a new alternative and slightly a different one with quite smart functionality. Instinctiv is a music application for android and also has integration with desktop (Both Mac and PC).


Home page

Download for PC

[button type=download color=green] Download APK [/button] (Point your android to the link above)

Install Android 2.3.2 Custom ROM UltiBread 1.4 on Samsung Galaxy S

[box color=blue type=note size=full]Please note that this guide is only meant for Samsung Galaxy S (i9000). This ROM might not work with Captivate/Vibrant/Fascinate/Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S variant.[/box]

[box color=red type=alert size=full]The method described here are risky and can permanently damage your device and void manufacturer’s warranty. Please use this guide at your own risk and we will not be responsible for any damages.[/box]

Now that you have noted the applicability of this guide and gone through the disclaimer, let’s get rolling. We assume that you are already running 2.3.2 on your Galaxy S. In case you are not you can follow the guide to install Gingerbread on Galaxy S. The procedure mentioned in the link will install ROM XWJV1 gingerbread based ROM on your Galaxy S.

Following are the steps to install UltiBread 1.4 on your Galaxy S.

Let’s first download all the downloads that we will be needing

  1. Download Ultibread v1.4 ROM (Download link at the end of the post)
  2. Download Odin3 v1.7 (Download link at the end of the post)
  3. Download the Speedmod kernel (Download link at the end of the post)

Now is the time to get into the real deal:

  1. Transfer the ROM to your phone’s SD Card . In order for easy access ensure that the file Ultibread-v1.4.zipis on your phone’s SD Card’s root folder.
  2. Ensure that your device is disconnected-
  3. Turn of your phone.
  4. Start your Galaxy S in Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power.
  5. Now, extract the file — file in some folder. We will not need the other two files except Odin.
  6. Now plug-in your USB cable and connect your Galaxy S to PC. You should get the “Added! !” notification in the message box in Odin.
  7. Make sure to uncheck the Auto Reboot button and Re-Partition button.
  8. Keep the F.Reset Time button checked.
  9. Click the PDA tab and speedmod-kernel-k13c-500hz.tar. The kernel is basically meant for Froyo only but we need it flash the ROM as zip file .
  10. Click Start now to flash the SpeedMod kernel.
  11. Once the flashing is done, REMOVE the battery and disconnect the phone from PC.
  12. Enter your phone in Recovery Mode be pressing Volume Up + Home + Power. You’ll get the green colored recovery mode.
  13. Select “install zip from sd card”. On next screen, select “choose zip from sd card” and select
  14. After the flashing is complete go back and select “reboot system now” to restart your phone.
  15. Now you have Ultibread 1.4 running on your Galaxy S.
  16. Your phone is already rooted.

Download Links

[button type=download color=orange]UltiBread 1.4[/button]

[button type=download color=red]Odin 3 1.7[/button]

[button type=download color=green]SpeedMod Kernel[/button]