Install XXJW4 on Galaxy S (i9000) with TouchWiz 4

A very quick look at installing the XXJW4 based ROM on your Galaxy S (i9000). The ROM comes loaded with TouchWiz 4. Before we start remember flashing your phone could lead to irrerpairable damage. We will not be responsible for anything that goes wrong with you phone. You should only flash your phone at your own risk.

Now that we have gotten the disclaimer out of the way let’s get down to business.


Backup your phone using this guide Titanium Backup: Best way to backup your android apps and data

1. Make sure to uninstall Kies from your laptop.

2. Download the relevant drivers for your Windows machine. (This tutorial is dependent on you flashing the phone using a windows machine)

32 bit (x86) Windows

64-bit (x64) Windows

3. Install the drivers on your machine before we get started.

3. Download the XXJW4 ROM

4. Extract the file JW4_JW4_JW4.tar (Leave the other file alone. We won’t be needing it)

5. Download Odin

6. Make sure your phone is not connected tot eh PC.

7. Turn it off and boot it up in download mode by pressing Vol Downn + Home + Power botton combo

8. Once in download mode connect your phone to PC.

9. Open Odin and you will see that the phone is added. Click the PDA button and add JW4_JW4_JW4.tar.

10. Make sure your Odin screen looks like the one below.

11. You are good to go. Click the start button and the phone should get flashed to XXJW4 with TouchWiz 4.0

12. The first boot after flashing usually take a little longer so be patient. If your phone runs into loop you might have to flash dbdata.tar using Odin.

13. Download dbdata.tar

Enjoy the new ROM with Face unlock, TouchWiz 4 and a bunch of other goodies !

Gismeteo: A sleek multi-location weather app for Android

Gismeteo is a multi-location weather application for Android. This application was previously available for only iOS. It helsps you track the weather forecast for multiple location including the ability to switch to metric system of units. Following are some of the features:

Current weather all over the world (temperature, wind, air pressure etc.);
✔ your own photo for every favorite place;
✔ weather forecast for 7 days;
✔ detailed forecast for 48 hours;
✔ geomagnetic storm and other alerts;
✔ local weather;
✔ quick switching through favorite places;
✔ widgets for home screen;
✔ support of Russian, Ukrainian and English languages.

Download Gismeteo

Wallpaper Changer for android device

Wallpaper Changer is an android application which helps rotate wallpapers on your android device. Now you dont have to manually change wallpapers and don’t have to live with the same wallpaper on your device. It also allows you to have a widget and with one click you can change the wallpaper without going to the settings to change the wallpaper.

You can also set timer to automatically change the wallpapers. Images can easily be added to the rotation list by using the Android Gallery app, to change the widget icon press the menu button in the app and select “Preferences”.

The application boasts of having been optimized for battery performance and hence it won’t drain your battery (Please note that we have’nt tested this ourselves).

Download Wallpaper Changer

1-Click Cleaner: A powerful system cleaner for android (No root required)

With smartphones getting smarter and with multiple features, privacy keeps getting tough to control. For example if you have an android phone and would want to keep it clean in terms of personal footprints, you will have to go through a tedious task of cleaning it manually for example application history, searches and browsing history.


Bigger pain would be if you use more than one browser and woudl want to clean the browsing history of each. In order to tackle this problem you would find some apps on the market. However, most of them are for rooted devices. How about an all-in-one cleaner which works for unrooted devices. 1-Click Cleaner addresses this problem.

This functionality is now addressed by XDA-developers forum member caotiantupi. The UI is quite simple and intuitive.


1. One click to clear all cache

2. Uninstall application

3. Show application details

4. One click to clear data

5. Move apps to SD card to get more space

6. Force stop running application

7. Support multiple languages: Korean Japanese French German Italian Spanish Russian

Download 1-Click Cleaner

BitDefender Beta for android now available on market

Bit defender has launched a beta version of their mobile security suit. The software is currently in beta and have only very basic features. However, bitdefender going forward will be a complete package for your android devices.

BitDefender Mobile Security is a lightweight solution for Android devices. BitDefender Mobile Security (BETA) is a next-gen security solution for Android devices focused on little (to zero) system or battery impact while providing access to a number of security functions in order to help you have a safer and more informed Android experience.

Some of the features of BitDefender for android are as follows:

  • Very small battery or performance impact
  • On-demand malware scanner, relying fully on Cloud technology (read: no updates required)
  • On-install scan – a hook on the application install event allows us to scan each application the moment it gets installed
  • Security Audit – Have you ever wondered how many applications installed on your device have been granted permission to access your private data ? Or connect to the internet ? Or send text messages ? The Security Audit screen grants you the possibility to have an overview on what applications match various permissions.

Download Bitdefender

Notification Bubble: Live Wallpaper to show notifications on Android Screen

Notification Bubbles is a live wallpaper for android which takes away the hassle of dragging the notification bar down each time you recieve a notification on your Android device.

You can configure your facebook along with twitter to show notifications via the bubbles. Every bubble is notification which would appear on the notification bar. Click the notification bubble and it will take you appropriate screen.

You can set number of bubbles. However you cannot control the speed of bubbles

Download Notification Bubbles

EZRom for Galaxy S: Easy way to upgrade/downgrade to Froyo

If you like trying different ROMs and flash your phone quite often then more often than not you will have to downgrade to a lower version ROM to try a new one. If you are using Samsung Galaxy S and are using the GingerBread ROM but want to try another flavor of custom Ginger Bread ROM you might have to downgrade to Froyo. This guide will help you down grade to Froyo and or installing Froyo with ease. This guide is also applicable if you are using Eclairs and want to upgrade to Froyo.

[box color=red type=alert size=full]Note: Flashing is always risky and it can brick your phone. Please use this guide at your own risk.[/box]

Of course you can use Odin method to install/downgrde to Froyo. But we are going to see the EZRom method of installing/Downgrading to Froyo. Using the following method you will have the following on your galaxy S phone:

  1. Android 2.2 (Froyo)-JVE
  2. Rooted version of phone
  3. Apps like SuperUser, Titanium Backup, ROM manager, etc.

Download the following PDF for instructions and Download links.

[button type=download color=red]EZRom Installation Guide[/button]


Titanium Backup: Best way to backup your android apps and data

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular ways to back up your applications and phone data. It backups all the data, apps and removes bloatware.

[box color=red type=note size=full]Note: It needs a rooted phone and android 1.5 or above[/box]

  • Over 1.5 million users, 21+ languages!
  • PRO Key is available on Market!
  • Net used to d/l Dropbox,BusyBox,Changelog
  • BEWARE: unofficial TB APK’s cause “package signature” errors that are hard to get rid of!

This screen gives a brief idea bout the amount of space available on different media of your android device. This is useful if you have big amount of data to be backed up and have less space on your SD card. You might want to do some cleaning up first.

On this screen you can see the apps which will be backed up and can be filtered before backing up.

Here you can decide what kind of backup you want to run. Whether you want to backup only user apps or system data or both.

From here you can double check the apps to be backed up. If you want all the apps to be backed up, ensure that kill active apps is selected.

Once the apps and data is backed up you can see this screen meaning everything went well. Once back up is done you can find your backup on your SD card under Titanium Backup folder. Just cope it somewhere before flashing your phone.

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